Carrots, RawI’m honored and excited to exhibit at the Bamboo Hair+Body salon in  downtown Half Moon Bay!  On exhibit are selected works from my current project – EveryDay Life as well as work from Ten Days In Japan and Carrots, Raw.   

Hope to see you at the reception on July 28, 2019

Portfolios are on the GALLERY page.

Other work can be found at:

  • moshimoshifoto.com  What began as mobile phone photography blog, has become more about what emerges during Everyday Life.  These images seems to be episodes within the seams of daily activities.
  • f8 don’t wait is where I’m in a virtual visual conversation with artist friends.  Each day, in prescribed order, one posts an image in response to the previous day’s post.  To see more than one day at a time (and get a much better sense of this collaboration) click on the “Lightbox” link at the top of the page.  From Lightbox, you may also specify sort order and individual artist.
  • facebook and instagram